Monday, January 16, 2006

Colorado photos part 1

I came back from Colorado two weeks ago with about 1,500 pictures. Obviously not all of them were keepers, but that's still an awful lot. Naturally it's taken me quite a while to get through them, but finally they're all photoshopped, uploaded and ready to view.

Pictures generally fall into one of two categories, either family holiday events or my usual urban wanderings. Today I'll post only photos from the urban wandering collections, leaving the family stuff for part 2 tomorrow.

Follow the full entry link below for one picture from each sub-set along with a link to a thumbnail gallery containing many more pictures from each location...

Colorado's Pioneer Monument and State Capitol are in Upper Downtown Denver.

Middle Downtown Denver is the heart of the old city.

Denver's Union Station is in Lower Downtown, or LoDo, along with many former industrial buildings-turned chic condo-lofts.

Boulder's view of the Flatirons is famous. The next mountain over, Flagstaff, offers tremendous panoramic views of the city.

Downtown Boulder is centered around a four-block pedestrian mall.

Colorado Flagstone, Tuscan architecture and Bob Marley? It could only be the University of Colorado, my stomping ground of four years.

University Hill is Boulder's student ghetto. Chances are whenever I wasn't in class this is where I could be found. I could often be seen using this roof as a balcony.

The road between Beulah and Pueblo shows just how different the Colorado landscape is from the eastern seaboard.

My parents are from La Junta. Downtown is attractive, but in disrepair.

Trains are in my family's blood. La Junta is home to a large railyards.

La Junta City Park, including this miniature Statue of Liberty, is in the center of the town's residential neighborhoods.

Last but not least, Otero Junior College and the Koshare Indian Museum create a sort of Uptown La Junta.



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